“Kristi House can change the trajectory of a child’s life. From one of suffering, to one of triumph.”

This is the reason, Juliana Krys explains, for giving her time, talent and treasure to Kristi House as a board member, advocate and donor.

“Receiving therapy and advocacy services from Kristi House means a child and family can heal after a traumatic event,” she said. “Abuse and family violence is often generational; Kristi House helps break that cycle.”

Philanthropy and giving back is in Juliana’s DNA. She grew up with philanthropy all around her, something instilled by her parents at a young age. So when she came to Miami 10 years ago, she felt a need to contribute in a meaningful way.

Juliana searched around for organizations addressing her #1 priority, mental health. Eventually, she and husband Alex found Kristi House. Since that time three years ago, they have supported critical needs at critical times, helping to establish our Homestead office and expand prevention outreach with a new full-time position. They offered match challenges along the way to encourage others to give too.

Juliana says as a board member, her focus is on helping Kristi House continue to expand to meet the tremendous needs in the community. She also wants to see Kristi House become more widely known, so that when people think of sexual trauma, they think of Kristi House.

“There are so, so many people victimized by childhood sexual abuse and sexual violence as adults who are never seen or heard, due to the huge stigma for the victim,” she said. “People carry aro

und unresolved feelings of shame, guilt and fear for decades, sometimes a lifetime.”

With Kristi House, that just doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

Thank you, Juliana, for serving as secretary of our board, and guiding Kristi House’s growth to meet community needs.

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