Breaking the Silence

Save the Date!

Kristi House’s 14th Annual
Breaking the Silence Luncheon
Wednesday, May 13, 2020
Jungle Island

Kristi House is dedicated to healing the hearts and souls of children overcoming abuse trauma. Kristi House brings together the legal, medical, and mental health services needed to help child-victims and their family members. As the nationally designated Child Advocacy Center for all of Miami-Dade County, Kristi House works closely with seven major agency partners to ensure all victim and family needs are met.

Along with a coordinating role, Kristi House provides direct services for children and families including family advocacy, therapy, transportation and emergency assistance. Each year, Kristi House helps 1,500 children overcome the trauma of sexual abuse, physical abuse and commercial sex trafficking using evidence-based interventions.

We began Breaking the Silence 14 years ago to signify that victims have a voice, and that we must face the reality of horrific abuse to thwart it from continuing to thrive in darkness and silence.

Over the past year, daily news stories of child sexual abuse and assault on women have been our call to break the silence before a child is victimized. This is possible through increased awareness and prevention education, bringing the dark topic into the light. We ask you to join us in our work of Breaking the Silence so that our community has the understanding and knowledge to recognize and stop child abuse. Together we can protect our children.

Kristi House is a leader among the 850 Children’s Advocacy Centers in the country, garnering federal support for its programs, and having created one of the first programs for child sex trafficking victims in the U.S. based in a Children’s Advocacy Center. Kristi House leads the field in evidence-based practices for young, vulnerable victims of sexual abuse.

Kristi House has served more than 18,750 victims of child abuse and their families since founding, and more than 120,000 adults and children participated in education and training programs in our first 25 years. Kristi House’s Project GOLD provides a Drop In Center for sex trafficked youth — the state’s first — dedicated to helping girls escape commercial sexual exploitation.

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