Court Prep for Kids

Kids Can Make A Difference

What You Should Expect If You Go To Court To Be a Witness

Kristi House Children’s Advocacy Center is pleased to offer its award-winning video production for children and accompanying guidebook for professionals. Produced in three languages – English, Spanish and Creole – this easy-to-understand video created for children ages 5 to 12 explains what they can expect when they go to court to testify. The guidebook gives adult professionals and advocates a step-by-step process for preparing children and caregivers, explaining terms and identifying who’s who in the courtroom.

Testifying in court isn’t easy for most at any age.
This resource makes the process a little less
intimidating and helps minimize the trauma for children.

English presented by TV star of America’s Most Wanted, John Walsh

Spanish presented by TV’s Judge Marilyn Milian

Creole presented by Miami Judge Fred Seraphin




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