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Kristi House provides treatment, advocacy, and coordination of services, within a healing environment, for all forms of child trauma, with a 27-year specialization in sexual abuse, and ongoing dedication to prevention education and training.

The Children’s Advocacy Center is comprised of seven partner agencies involved in meeting the legal, medical and emotional needs of child victims of abuse and sex trafficking, and holds the perpetrators responsible.

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Thank you for your support and for joining our ongoing fight to eradicate child abuse and trafficking.
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Annual Gala

April · 15 · 2023

Kristi House’s 2023 Gala, Miami Mardi Gras, is on April 15, 2023. Learn how you can support.

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Breaking the Silence

OCTOBER · 13 · 2022

The community showed up to support Kristi  House’s 15th Annual Breaking the Silence Luncheon

Thank You.

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Our children always need your help. Find out how you can make a difference today.

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Our community trainings are virtual and free. We invite you to one of our upcoming webinars:

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