Family Advocacy
Because the legal system can be difficult to negotiate, and gaining access to supportive agencies and therapy can also be complicated...

Kristi House Family Advocates work directly with families to facilitate these processes. They determine the needs of children and families, make referrals for needed services, assist families in accessing those services, and assist in the coordination of services with agencies in the Center and community to help reduce system trauma. Kristi House provides a vital support system to victims, encouraging them to pursue all avenues of treatment and all legal means to stop the abuse and ensure long-term recovery.

Family Advocates

Family advocates provide an avenue for families to work with law enforcement agencies and/or the State Attorney’s Office when a criminal investigation process is necessary. They also educate the families about the investigative and prosecutorial process and connect children and families to appropriate service providers in the community. They help children and families with legal cases prepare for their time in court.

Kristi House Family Advocates ensure that child sexual abuse victims and their families receive:

  • all necessary services applicable to their unique situations
  • access to treatment that is individually tailored to the specific clinical needs of the child and family
  • victim advocacy and court support
  • system coordination: linking legal, medical and emotional supports
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