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From Surviving to Thriving – Expanding Services & Healing Children

Kristi House: The Children’s Advocacy Center serving Miami-Dade County

1 in 10 children will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday. In seconds, their childhoods are shattered, their innocence stolen forever. If left untreated, the effects haunt them for years, increasing the likelihood of drug and alcohol dependency, eating disorders, teen pregnancy, delinquency, violent crime, and debilitating fear. While there are approximately 40 million survivors of sexual abuse in America today, sexual abuse is a crime that goes largely undetected.

Kristi House provides vital services to victims of sexual abuse and other childhood trauma through advocacy, therapy and prevention education.

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Kristi House’s Mission

Kristi House is dedicated to treating and preventing child sexual abuse, trafficking and other childhood trauma, working closely with community partners, parents and providers.

Kristi House’s work involves 3 major pillars: advocacy, therapy for victims, and prevention education to turn the tide on sexual abuse.

Kristi House’s Unique Role

Operating the nationally accredited Children’s Advocacy Center responsible for all of Miami-Dade County, Kristi House is the only facility dedicated to a mission of system coordination to ensure that all emotional, physical and legal needs for child sexual abuse and teen sexual assault victims are provided. Every week partner-agencies — including medical staff, guardians, social service investigators, police, prosecutors, therapists and case workers — meet to discuss individual cases to make certain that no child falls through the gaps in our complex systems of care and justice.

In addition to coordinating the Kristi House Children’s Advocacy Center Multidisciplinary Team, we provide the specialists to help the child and family heal. Our direct services staff includes engagement specialists, care coordinators, whom we call Family Advocates, and master level and licensed Therapists trained in the most effective interventions for recovery.


Working closely with our multidisciplinary partners, schools, public officials and other service providers enables a seamless process for children and families overcoming crises and trauma.


Evidence-based interventions, proven effective for child trauma, provide vital support for victims to ensure long-term recovery.


We are equally devoted to educating children, parents, school districts, and communities on how to keep kids safe.

We invite you to partner with Kristi House.

As individual or corporate philanthropic partner, not only is your financial support a direct benefit to the families we serve, your involvement itself is of incalculable value.

Your participation demonstrates you stand with Kristi House against abuse and exploitation. Your partnership aligns you with other concerned community leaders and corporate citizens who recognize we must work together to overcome the uncomfortable, challenging reality of sexual abuse, assault and exploitation that are all too prevalent in our society.

We want to recognize your support.

Your supportive participation encourages others to follow suit. We have developed the table below to highlight recognition benefits for donors. Or if you prefer, a plan can be tailored to your individualized goals or to align with the Kristi House pillar you wish to support.

Philanthropic Partners

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