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Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC 101) (5.23.24)

This 3-hour workshop provides a basic overview of commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC), the extent of the problem and the impact this type of trauma has on children. It will also include tips for identifying and engaging victims and discussion of services victims need for healing and reintegration into mainstream society. REGISTER HERE


Project HeadSTRONG: Anger (Session 3)

Anger helps individuals understand that while anger is a universal emotion, they can develop the skills to manage it constructively. This topic is divided into four sections with a total of twenty-one exercises and eleven videos. Section 1: Experiencing Anger Section 2: Anger in Our Lives Section 3: Facing Our Anger Section 4: Managing Our...


Webinar: Wellness & Wellbeing (5.14.24)

This workshop provides information regarding how to identify burnout and stress and how to work on preventing it. It also provides tips on mental health and how to practice self-care. REGISTER HERE

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