In fall 2014, a large, half-million-dollar contract for front-end services Kristi House had through public funding for 15 years was cut to $20,000.

These funds were diminished not because there are any fewer child sexual abuse victims in Miami.

Not because we weren’t providing excellent, healing services.

And not because Kristi House wasn’t depending on those funds.

But rather, Kristi House was caught in the crosshairs of a child welfare system needing to divert all possible funding to foster care in its effort to thwart unacceptable levels of child fatalities in our state.

At Kristi House, where we strive to keep families intact once the offender has been removed, the end result is a loss of funding for front-end services.

The lost funding paid for the Case Coordinators…those who see the child and family when they first come in, often in a state of crisis, confusion, shame and anger.

Those individuals who hold the child and family’s hand through the investigative, courts and recovery processes.

Those who help the child and family through their darkest days.

Case Coordinators are remarkable individuals make sure hearts are made whole again.

Can you help Kristi House fill the unexpected hole in its budget? And ensure no child or family is turned away?

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