It really does take a village.


Over the past several weeks, caring donors from our community joined forces to transform two of our highest utilized therapy spaces. Lending us their talents in design, product selection, painting and installation, these volunteers worked together to create spaces that provide perfect healing environments for our children and families.

Special thanks goes to Brittany Precht & Tony Martinez who underwrote the new furnishings and supplies. They personally moved in the new furniture and goods along with their three children to “give the kids the experience of helping other kids who need a boost,” as mom explained.

Brittany got her exceptionally creative friend and art teacher Erica Pacey involved, who operates Simplify Play to help families design thoughtful, enriching play spaces. After being moved by a powerful tour of Kristi House’s central office facilities, they saw where we needed help and together they developed a plan. They sat down with our therapy and administrative leaders to brainstorm all needs and carefully construct rooms with our children in mind.

Volunteers from Integrated Security Systems, on their annual Social Responsibility Day in early June, spent a Friday hard at work at Kristi House, painting both rooms and assembling the new furnishings according to plan. The result is transformative; see for yourself in the pictures below. Our therapists and clients are very excited to use the new spaces compassionately designed with care. Every element of the Kristi House treatment experience is designed with the child in mind, and we are thankful for those who make that possible. Thank you Erica Pacey, Brittany Precht and Tony Martinez and kids, and Integrated Security Systems for your dedication and support in healing the hearts of our children.

If you would like to get involved and support this cause, please review our Therapy Wish List (PDF). 

Check out the incredible before and after pictures below!


Family/Multipurpose Room Renovation

[URIS id=7771] 


Play Room

With a homework nook!


Integrated Security Solutions Volunteers

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