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Volunteer Spotlight: The One and Only, Bunny


Around Kristi House, she is known simply as “Bunny.”  For the past 12 years, she has come weekly, rain or shine, with generous doses of compassion, kindness and her signature sense of humor.

Accompanied by her four-legged friends Elizabeth Taylor (a pug) and Fiona (a mixed-breed), Bunny introduced canine emotional support therapy to Kristi House, bringing sunshine and smiles to dozens of children and families. 

In addition to being a fabulous waiting-room ambassador, Bunny was always quick to step in as our stand-up comic and clown at events and parties for the kids. Silly string, water-shooting flowers and disappearing cupcakes were the tools of her trade. She made kids laugh and forget their troubles. She created many fond memories for our staff and clients.

Bunny, who recently retired from her volunteer post at the age of 90, is an inspiration and testament to being involved and active, no matter what your age.

She really is incredible. From all of us at Kristi House, especially the children we serve, thank you Bunny!

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