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LGBTQI: Working With Victims of Sex Trafficking

June 6, 2016

Survivors Pathway presents a unique approach to understand the challenges and barriers experienced by the LGBTQI individuals especially within the contest of violence and access to justice. This training presented by Survivors’ Pathway Chief Francesco Duberli-Rivera focuses on addressing the complexities of gender identity and sexual orientation from a cultural and social perspective, giving the trainees the opportunity to gain a broader understanding and tools to provide sensitive services to these communities. The Survivors’ Pathway’s victim-centered model will provide participants a look at the experiences of the LGBTQI communities through the different types of victimization, including trafficking. The group will engage in an analysis about how violence affects these communities, and how we can respond in a competent manner. It is expected that this training increase trainees’ sensitivity and knowledge regarding the effects of trafficking and victimization in marginalized communities. The training encourages participants to be authentic and openly share beliefs and fears often withheld in discussions regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.

RSVP is requested to info@survivorspathway.org. Please include your name, agency affiliation and contact information.

Objectives & Activities

  1. Address misconceptions and misinformation that lead to adverse outcomes for youth and adults impacted by the topics of gender and orientation, especially within the context of victimization through trafficking.
  2. Engage in an in-depth conversation regarding sexual orientation and gender, its cultural complexities and our own understanding of these concepts from our life experiences.
  3. Develop an understanding of the distinctions between the binary and continuum models of gender.
  4. Address the concept of transgender and evaluate the experiences of violence faced by this community and the challenges in accessing competent services and justice.
  5.  Increase understanding regarding the protocols and policies that should be put in place to provide competent services to the LGBTQ community in order to have successful outcomes in delivering services and access to justice.


June 6, 2016

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