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Webinar: Stewards of Children (5.23.23)

A 2-hour webinar about how to prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse… This 2-hour, nationally recognized, best practice program uses videos, workbook activities and discussion to engage and educate about child sexual abuse and how to keep children safe. Parents, college students, working professionals, volunteers at child-serving organizations and other staff at...

Webinar: The 10 Signs – Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships (5.25.23)

Virtual Event

Learn how to identify 10 Signs of Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships... This single session program begins with a 3-minute video, "The 10 Signs," which showcases signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships. Students will be guided through discussions and participate in activities so that they are able to identify these signs in their own lives, as...


Webinar: What Every Adult Needs to Know About Child Sexual Abuse (6.1.23)

A 2-hour webinar from Kristi House covers what every adult needs to know about child sexual abuse… This presentation is designed for parents who would like to be better equipped to prevent child sexual abuse from occurring and for adults working in or planning to work in child-serving organizations. This class will assist adults to...


Prestige Worldwide Beer Release to Benefit Kristi House

Bay 13 Brewery and Kitchen 65 Alhambra Plaza, Coral Gables, FL 33134, Coral Gables, FL, US

Bay 13 Brewery & Kitchen and Savage Lyfe Beer Co. are happy to announce a beer collab to support Kristi House.Join us for a Beer Release Dinner and help raise awareness for Kristi House.Kristi House provides treatment, advocacy, and coordination of services, within a healing environment, for all forms of child trauma, with a 28-year...

IN-PERSON TRAINING: What Every Adult Needs to Know About Child Sexual Abuse

Simply Healthcare Community Resource Center 1905 West 35th Street Ste. 105, Hialeah, FL 33012, Hialeah, FL, US

Interested in learning how to prevent child sexual abuse? This FREE in-person training is for you... This presentation is specially designed for adults working in child-serving organizations and parents who would like to be better equipped to prevent child sexual abuse from occurring. The class teaches how to identify signs and symptoms of child sexual...


Webinar: Hurricanes – Supporting Families Through Trauma (6/6/23)

Studies suggest being informed and prepared for storms lessens the impact of trauma on young children… A hurricane preparedness training. Preparation is key to trauma prevention. This training provides guidance on how families can better prepare for and respond to hurricanes and other disasters by identifying key factors that can promote readiness and resilience in...


Webinar: Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children 101 (6.13.23)

A 3-hour webinar from Kristi House about child sex trafficking, and the commercial sexual exploitation of children… This 3-hour workshop provides a basic overview of commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC), the extent of the problem, and the impact this type of trauma has on children. It will also include tips for identifying and engaging...


Webinar: How Mass Violence Impacts Youth (6.15.23)

Learn how mass violence, specifically gun violence, impacts youth...This interactive presentation is offered to gain an understanding of how mass violence, specifically gun violence, impacts youth. We will discuss what experts recommend on how to best respond and how to support youth during the aftermath of gun violence.This class will provide parents, adults working in...


Webinar: Well Being, Trauma, Burnout, and Stress (7.13.23)

Learn how trauma, stress, and burnout show up in your life, and how you can manage these stressors to improve your well being...As a result of participating in this training attendees will have a better understanding of the differences between trauma, stress and burnout and how it shows up in their lives. Participants are also...

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