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Webinar: How Mass Violence Impacts Youth (3.21.23)

Learn how mass violence, specifically gun violence, impacts youth... This interactive presentation is offered to gain an understanding of how mass violence, specifically gun violence, impacts youth. We will discuss...


Webinar: Children and Traumatic Stress (4.20.23)

A 2-hour webinar from Kristi House about how traumatic stress affects children and how adults can help... Child traumatic stress refers to the physical and emotional responses of a child to events that threaten the life of the child or of someone critically important to the child. Social workers, teachers, counselors, and others who plan...

Supporting Individuals Impacted by Commercialized Violence

Virtual Event

Offered in partnership with Nathan Earl of Giant Slayer Communications... National Association of Social Workers Florida Chapter Broward Unit presents "Supporting Individuals Impacted by Commercialized Violence" with Nathan Earl, Principal...


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